About Atlwest Communications

Atlwest Communications is an interdisciplinary consulting firm located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

We specialize in stakeholder and community, communication strategies, partnership building, media and public relations, project and event management, corporate social responsibility, and climate change action. We are recognized as a leader in collaborative planning with our ability to bring people and organizations together, get them engaged, and have meaningful conversations that help shape plans and projects that improve our communities and the environment.

We are proud partners in the SUMAdvantage program.


Team Leaders


Brad Schiele

Brad Schiele, B.Sc., B.A. (hon.), M.A. is the Director of Communications and Principal Consultant at Atlwest. Brad is a professionally trained geologist, archaeologist, a certified Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitation (IAF) and a certified public participation practitioner with the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).

Brad has over 11 years of experience providing social corporate responsibility, and regulatory Environmental Assessment advise to Mining and Minerals, Oil and Gas, Forestry, Infrastructure, Indigenous Groups, Built Environments, Industry and Power clients.

Brad specializes in complex natural resource development projects that require regulatory approval, social acceptance, and Indigenous support. He has designed social corporate responsibility frameworks for some of western Canada’s most complex and highly controversial projects.

Brad has the ability to bring people and organizations together, get them engaged, and have meaningful conversations that help shape project plans that improve communities and client operations. He has the proven ability to build strong working coalitions between the public, Indigenous peoples, community organizations and all levels of government.


Chelsea Parent

Chelsea Parent, B.A., M.A. is a Stakeholder Engagement Specialist I at Atlwest. Chelsea brings diverse experience in working with municipalities, provincial and federal governments, not-for-profits, and community organizations. Chelsea has worked on projects in the areas of asset management, transportation, Indigenous relations, cannabis legalization, recreation planning, urban planning, parks and wildlife and natural areas monitoring and management.

Her skills in project management and stakeholder engagement reflect her natural abilities in organization, analyzing and synthesizing feedback and data, and excellent communication skills.

Chelsea is a certified public participation practitioner (IAP2) and has diverse training in nationally recognized certifications such as HIGH FIVE® supporting healthy child development, Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and Project Management principles. She has presented at several conferences and workshops and believes that mobilizing knowledge is key to effective and sustainable change in society.

In her leisure time, Chelsea volunteers on the City of Saskatoon’s Municipal Planning Commission and is active and passionate about community building in Saskatoon.

Mr. Mike Markowski, Senior consultant, Atlwest Communications

Mike Markowski

Mike Markowski, B.A. (hon.), M.A. is a Senior Consultant with 10+ years of experience in stakeholder engagement and heritage consulting. Trained as a professional archaeologist with a keen interest in prairie history, Mike has worked with several First Nation and Métis groups in Saskatchewan to document and communicate cultural and traditional concerns with resource developments (e.g., Traditional Land Use studies).  

Mike's experience has allowed him to gain valuable knowledge with interview processes (e.g., approach, traditions, and offerings), arranging community and private meetings and the ability to effectively bridge concerns for the overall success of projects.

Mrs. Eliann Guinan,  Consultant, Atlwest Communications

Eliann Guinan

Eliann Guinan, B.Sc. (hon.), M.A. is a consultant with 5+ years of experience in heritage consulting and 2+ years of experience in the communication consulting industry. Throughout her career, Eliann has gained valuable experience engaging with communities including Indigenous groups, land owners, and stakeholders throughout Saskatchewan. She is practiced in communication processes for a variety of audiences, with experience in arranging private meetings with stakeholders and First Nations communities and organizing community outreach events throughout her career in communications. She continues to develop her skills in stakeholder and Indigenous engagement as part of the Atlwest team.



Mission Statement

Whether it be engagement, relations, responsibility, partnerships or complex change, we develop impassioned communications strategies that connect.


Core Values

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