Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada First Nations Communications Toolkit

The First Nations Communication Toolkit is a great resource developed by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The first toolkit was released in 2007 and it continues to provide a basic overview of communication planning, activities and tools.

This toolkit was designed explicitly for First Nations communicators and is based on input from First Nation communicators and administrators working for First Nation organizations. It offers information on many topics that I found to be beneficial. Including: communications planning, publications, events and media relations from a First Nation’s perspective. It has great examples and templates that you are able to use.


Quick Tips included in the Toolkit & What I learned from it.

1.  Developing a communications proposal for Chief and Council’s review. Effective communications planning will build trust and awareness with membership while at the same time ensuring transparency and accountability.

A First Nation’s Brand should be a representation and reflection of the First Nation’s personality, values and objectives. Where you come from and how you want to be perceived. A brand is like a person, it has personality. It projects qualities, characteristics and associations that differentiate it from others.

Strategies and tactics, three questions to ask yourself: How are you going to communicate your message and persuade the public about your initiative? How are you going to build awareness and share important information? Why are we doing this?

If you are unsure what is and what isn’t appropriate, just ask. It’s ok to not know everything.

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