Case Study: Winter City Strategy


City of Saskatoon


The Winter City Strategy was an intentional effort, facilitated through the City of Saskatoon, to celebrate what makes Saskatoon unique as a four-season City that is inviting, vibrant and prosperous in the coldest months of the year. Through the City of Saskatoon’s leadership and engagement activities, the interest and efforts of motivated stakeholders and the entire community, the Winter City Strategy articulated the changes necessary to help residents, businesses and visitors ‘embrace’ winter with as much enthusiasm as they currently demonstrate for the summer season.

Atlwest Communications was retained by the City of Saskatoon to provide support with relationship management activities and to gather and connect with stakeholders as part of the development of the Winter City Strategy. Engagement activities associated with this project included the facilitation of face-to-face meetings with community members, business and industry district representatives, community associations and the general public.


Stakeholder engagement was and continues to be an integral part the City of Saskatoon’s Winter City Strategy.  Atlwest Communications provided the following services for this project including:

  • Maintain and update a list of previously identified stakeholders interested in participating in the project;

  • Solicit information from previously identified stakeholders for inclusion on the City of Saskatoon’s website;

  • Identify opportunities for pop-up engagement during winter months; and

  • Identify opportunities for collaborative promotion campaign(s), with multi-stakeholder groups.  


In collaboration with the City of Saskatoon, Atlwest Communications completed the objectives associated with the Winter City Strategy. Checklists were prepared for the Fire Vessel at River Landing, the Fire Ring owned by Wintershines, and the for an outdoor winter sidewalk café pilot project. Based on the research and information collected during stakeholder engagement activities, Atlwest Communications made recommendations to help ensure that the Winter City Strategy continues to develop in the City of Saskatoon with enthusiasm and to ensure stakeholder engagement is inclusive of the entire community.